Delivery/ Fees
**Healthy Connections, Inc does offer delivery in select areas.  We deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you choose to have your order delivered, a delivery fee of $12.50 will be added to your bill for each day we deliver.  We cannot guarantee a particular delivery time.

  If you are not home, you can leave a cooler with packed ice by your door, and we will leave your food in the cooler.  Food should be left in the cooler for only a very short period of time.  Once Healthy Connections leaves the food, it is your responsibility.  Healthy Connections assumes no liability for the food ,once it is left in the cooler.**

Shipping      Healthy Connections, Inc. can also ship your food anywhere in the State of Alabama by UPS for the cost of shipping.

Order/Cancellation Deadlines
**If you are placing an order for the first time or are coming back on the plan after going off, you must notify Healthy Connections by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday to receive food for the following week.**

**Healthy Connections has no long term contracts. You may purchase your food a week at a time. Or you may purchase your food for a longer period of time.  You pay for your food in advance. Once  you place your order, you will be charged, and the food is yours.  Please consider this when you place your order because there is no refund **

Reminder:  If you are placing an order for the first time, Monday will be your first day for delivery or to pick-up your food.

If you need assistance with ordering, please call customer service at (205) 822-3266 or email us at or at


Dinner Plan

Family Dinner Plan (for 4)

21- Meal Plan

Lunch and Dinner Plan

Lunch Plan

Best Deal 4 Week Plan

Medical Disclaimer

If you have any questions, please call our customer service at (205) 822-3266.

Healthy Connections, Inc. - Your Connection To A Healthy Life

Healthy Connections has completely changed my life and improved my health. I have lost over 70 pounds and gone from a size 18-20 to a size 8. It's so convenient; it's like having your own personal chef.

The meals are low calorie, low fat, low sugar, and low sodium--in short, they address every well-known dietary risk to good health.
Skippy and Sandy

I would recommend Healthy Connections meals and the very friendly, helpful staff to anyone who needs to lose weight or just wants healthy meals without the stress of preparing them.

My husband and I wanted to lose 15 and 12 pounds or more, respectively. Also, we both have high blood pressure and wanted food that was low in fat and low in salt. We tried the Healthy Connections method and were very pleased with it. We recommend the program to anyone needing a good well-balanced diet that includes good tasting food.

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