Photography Of Everyday Life

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In 2011, Japanese photographer Tomiyasu Hayahisa began pointing his camera at a ping pong table found in a public athletic field in view of his dorm room in Leipzig, Germany. As the seasons passed,

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Court filings: Girl, 5, beaten to death in Redford motel was abused daily New court filings shed light on what life was life.

Taking photos of everyday North Korea is often considered a risky endeavor, if not tantamount to espionage. But for British filmmaker Matt Hulse, all it required was a cheap Chinese phone, a clip-on.

The photo of her young son on the gates of Auschwitz. describing in painstaking detail what happened after Andrew Anglin.

These restrictions prompted Getty photographer Xiaolu Chu to travel by train through the country in August 2015, documenting everyday life through his phone lens. Whenever he hopped out, Chu shot.

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From the looks of the photos that have emerged from the meeting of world leaders (and, apparently, also their preferred.

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Architectural photographer James Brittain has explored the hidden nooks and apartments of Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67, offering a glimpse of day-to-day life in the famous brutalist. titled Building.

But during a recent trip, Abby shared photos of a serious challenge. Abby recently told E!’s Daily Pop that she relies on.

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The ethics of street photography are widely debated. thought and encourages you to reflect on the deep pain people like.

Though most of the time our furry friends are nothing short of adorable, dog owners have been known to snap.

Instead, photography becomes a way to tenderly evoke. In Belgium, and Holland, sex work is just part of everyday life.

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In an attempt to go behind the headlines, Italian photographer Simone Tramonte traveled through Iran last summer to capture images of ordinary life in the Islamic country. “I wanted to tell the daily.

Greek photographer Niko J. Kallianiotis’s earliest memory of America is from Astoria, Queens, where he witnessed the shocking dichotomy between big-city affluence and homelessness. When his father.

Northrup was influenced by the snapshot aesthetic, the photography movement, begun in the sixties, that prized everyday subject matter and a casual, amateur-seeming style of framing over highly formal.

AFP photographer Ed Jones is one of the few western journalists allowed to enter North Korea on a regular basis. In addition to photographing mass military parades and spectacular propaganda events.

As far as we know, very few of the photos they took were ever printed. there are very few that capture the harsh realities.